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Make it easy for people to find and follow you across all your social and content networks.


Miit is a location based social utility that makes it easier to connect with the things that matter.

Make new friends


Meet and chat with people in your vicinity who share common interests and activities.

Discover something new

See what people are getting up to in and around your area in real time.

Share moments

Share your intimate moments with those closest to you or post something for the world to see. 

You're in control

Sort your feed by groups to see what you want when you want and always ad free.


Let's face it, loneliness sucks. And making friends is hard.


It's an issue current social media platforms simply don't address. In fact recent studies suggest that for young adults heavy use of platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram can be associated with feelings of social isolation. 

Because you're more likely to physically interact and engage with people who are local to you, Miit was built from the ground up to help you find people near you who share similar interests.

Miit encourages you to form connections with like minded people in your community. We want you to get off your phone, get out there and do things with friends, both old and new, in your local area.


"the idea that the things that are physically closest to us in space are the things that will have the biggest affect on our lives"

Adam Alter - Renowned Social Psychologist




Unfortunately every business needs a revenue model. However because our focus is local the ads you see are going to be from smaller, locally owned businesses.

How you'll see the ads is a little different too. Advertiser stories will show up in your Discovery feed alongside other stories from your area.



We don't track your clicks. We don't mine your data. We don't share your information with anyone, unless you specifically ask us to.


Your content is your own. When you leave you can take it with you or we'll delete it for you. And you CAN delete your account. Although really, why would you want to?



We're working hard to ensure that the people you meet on Miit are who they say they are, so that you can feel comfortable in using Social to meet great new people you might not otherwise run into.


What you're not likely to find on Miit are fake profiles, fan pages, click bait, or 'spam' clogging up your feed.


These days social media is a highly competitive arena and this is often driven by site metrics that often serve to try and quantify human relationships.


At Miit we wanted to address this by demetricating our network. That means we don't display the number of friends, comments or likes you get. No longer is the focus on how many friends you have or on how much they like your status, but on the quality of those interactions. 

We've also taken some other steps to try and bring the focus back to where it matters - on real human relationships.


You can't just follow people you don't know.

To interact with someone on Miit they either need to be near to you, or be in your phone contact list. You can't just follow people from around the globe because they're famous or have the body/car/lifestyle you wish you had. Miit is about interacting with the real people in your life.

There's no public platform for bullying or shaming.

Comments on Miit are private and can only be made between friends so if someone has something to say to you they can only do it directly to you, not for the world to see. You can't be tagged in someone else's posts or comments either.